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We remain committed to providing our patients the best possible healthcare in this community. We will remain open during this difficult time and provide all necessary cleaning and sanitation to assure patient and staff safety. We can provide telemedicine appointment if you feel uncomfortable with visiting us in the office but need to arrange those through the office phone system. We will be working our regular hours as well as have our Saturday morning walk in clinic.

Deltona Family Physician Offers Wellness Programs That Promote Healthier Lifestyles

Lifestyle diseases are a real risk to many families today. Some lifestyle choices such as excessive drinking, smoking and not eating a well-balanced diet are among high-risk factors that can be lead to obesity, diabetes and heart disease, among others, down the road. This is why it is important for families to take a proactive approach to health care and speak with their Deltona family physician about creating a wellness program. Not all wellness programs are alike and it requires the input of an experienced family physician who will schedule regular checkups and screening for family members in order to put them on a path to success.

At West Volusia Family & Sports Medicine, our family physician in the Deltona area specializes in wellness programs and is well positioned to offer solid family-centered advice that can help each member achieve their health goals. In fact, we are able to personalize our services, perform assessments and counsel family members on recommend changes based on their individual progress. This is important because children, adolescents and adults have different health care needs at different stages of their lives. Our in-house sports physician offers invaluable advice that will help reduce sports related injuries as well as providing non-surgical treatments to patients who suffer with chronic back pain and muscuskeletal injuries.

It all starts with a comprehensive health assessment to map out the risk areas that each family member faces before recommending the appropriate mitigation measures. For example, if a family member is under stress, which is quite common in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, our Deltona family physician can offer practical advice for relieving stress including dietary changes, and a wide range of other options that can help families live a healthier lifestyle.

Sometimes it is difficult for patients to warm up to the idea of make an appointment with their family doctor when they are well because they have become so accustomed to seeing the doctor only when they are sick. But being proactive rather than reactive can help patients stay well longer. And when they do become ill their family physician has more accurate health care information available that may be able to help the patient recover sooner.

If you live in Deltona, we want to be your family physician. We have an in-house team of health experts including a sports physician, nutritionist and physician assistants who can help offer a customized wellness plan that will help each family member achieve their individual health and lifestyle goals.

To schedule an appointment with a board certified family and sports physician in the Deltona area, contact us today at 386-774-0016, or visit us online. Ask us about sports physicals.

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