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Soprano Ice Platinum™ Laser Hair Removal

Soprano Ice PLATINUM


Soprano ICE is an elite laser system, utilizing the innovative Super Hair Removal (SHR) method and in-motion technology for smoother results & minimal discomfort. This system is virtually pain-free thanks to the cooling pumps, which are located within the applicator. In addition, this clinically proven SHR technology offers the highest coverage rates, meaning it provides smoother results than ever before while maintaining high standard performance and safety.

Soprano ICE Platinum broke the mold for laser hair removal services! Offering 3 distinct wavelengths, it can now affect hair follicles deeper than ever before, making it safe and effective for all skin types (even tanned and dark skin) and can be used on all body parts. That means no more waiting until winter to make your appointment!

What is laser hair removal?

The concept of laser hair removal is pretty simple. A laser (which is a highly concentrated light) is beamed into the hair follicle, and the pigment (the source for melanin) in those follicles absorbs the energy, which destroys the hair and the follicle. The treatment is most effective on hair that is actively growing, so treatments are staggered in such a way to treat all the hair in a given area, ultimately halting its growth. You will be asked to shave the area being treated 12 hours prior (night before treatment) for this particular laser to be effective & more comfortable, something “old laser hair removal” methods do not include in pre-care instructions.

How does Soprano ICE work?

Soprano ICE Platinum utilizes many forms of pulsed light, which allows it to penetrate the skin to the exact depth of the follicle without burning the skin. With laser hair removal, you can eliminate hair at the root while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Laser hair removal can rapidly treat large areas like the legs or back within about 30 minutes. Patients love Soprano ICE Platinum because they typically see an 80-90% reduction in hair after an average of six sessions with only a yearly maintenance schedule of 1-2 visits per year at the very most.

Description of the laser and it's features.

Am I a good candidate for Soprano ICE?

If you have unwanted body hair and desire smooth skin in its place, chances are you’re an excellent candidate for Soprano ICE Platinum! Thanks to new advances in medical technology, even patients with darker skin or lighter hair can achieve impressive results with Soprano ICE Platinum. Our talented specialists will help you determine a treatment plan and specialized laser settings for optimal results during your initial consultation. Ideal candidates are in good overall health and not currently dealing with any skin conditions that require medical treatment. You should fully heal from any sunburns, rashes, and abrasions before receiving any laser services.

What are the benefits of Soprano ICE?

Out of all the laser hair removal options available, we chose Soprano ICE Platinum because it offers more benefits than any other option on the market today. Unlike traditional laser hair removal devices, which we can only use on darker hair or lighter skin, Soprano ICE Platinum is compatible with every area of the body and all skin tones (even tanned and dark skin). In addition, it’s proven to be safe and effective for use year-round. With Soprano ICE Platinum, you can schedule your treatments when it’s best for you; no more waiting for winter months for treatments. Soprano ICE Platinum offers unprecedented results, with virtually no pain and downtime, while providing smoother results than any other traditional hair removal treatment.

What are the target areas for Soprano ICE?

Soprano ICE Platinum is a revolutionary laser hair removal service that is gentle enough to be used on all skin types and even the body’s most sensitive areas. Common treatment areas include:

  • Face (upper lip, chin, sideburns)
  • Underarms
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Bikini Area/Brazilian

Although these are the most common areas for treatment, Soprano ICE Platinum is gentle enough to be used anywhere you have unwanted hair. Its precision treatment targets large and small areas and removes stubborn hair that isn’t aesthetically pleasing. Some patients choose to remove unwanted hair on the tops of the toes, lower abdomen, or buttocks once and for all so that upkeep is no longer a concern. Our specialists can answer all your questions and help you establish a customized treatment plan to suit your needs.

Laser Hair Removal, Suitable for all Skin Types

What is recovery like? Are there any side effects?

Unlike laser hair removal services of the past that were painful and left the skin very sensitive for days, Soprano ICE Platinum is virtually pain-free. Although it is generally well-tolerated, some patients report that their skin is slightly pink for a few hours after treatment, but it doesn’t typically require downtime.

How many treatments should I get?

When you book your appointment, our specialists will examine the areas you’d like to treat and customize a specific treatment plan to provide you with optimal results. Every patient is different, and so is their hair. Therefore, your particular treatment plan will depend on the areas you’d like to treat and your unique hair growth patterns. A typical treatment plan for laser hair removal consists of six treatments typically scheduled six to eight weeks apart. These staggered treatment sessions target hairs in the active growth cycle since the treatment is most effective on actively growing hair.

Are the results permanent?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions regarding laser hair removal. Laser hair removal reduces hair growth by permanently destroying the hair follicles. It is unlikely that our bodies would develop new follicles; it’s still possible for dormant follicles to produce new hairs & over time enter an active growing cycle, so while the hair loss is permanent, it may not always result in 100% hair loss. If new hairs appear, you do not need to start the whole process over again! The best way to maintain your smooth, hair- free skin is to book an appointment for a maintenance treatment.






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